As Twitchy has reported, the United Nations did its part to make sure we didn’t forget to panic about climate change just because we’re in the middle of a deadly global pandemic. We’ve been reading a lot of hot takes about the “benefits” of being locked down — people are driving and flying less — but Grist notes that “even with the global economy at a near-standstill, the best analysis suggests that the world is still on track to release 95 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted in a typical year.”

Why? Well, a lot of it has to do with people still needing electricity even if they’re working from home. Yello newsletter founder Hunter Schwarz notes that it’s going to take more than “a change to our personal habits” — i.e., a global pandemic — to really reduce carbon emissions.

“The skies are blue for the first time in decades.” That’s news to us, but we’re not ready to give up living life outside our homes just yet.

But the collapse of the global economy is the perfect time to put people to work making the Green New Deal happen.