In an interview with the Washington Post, former Sen. Jeff Flake says that this November won’t be the first time he’s voted for a Democrat and notes that he voted for a third-party candidate in the previous presidential election. He’s not voting for President Trump, though.

It’s hard to believe that anything Flake says or does is newsworthy, and this is no exception. The Hill reports:

Flake also said that a second Trump term could turn younger voters away from the Republican Party, pointing to issues including immigration and the environment.

“So for young people who’ve grown up around minorities or had a different experience than a lot of us in my generation, they don’t harbor, I think, some of the prejudices that people in my generation do,” Flake said.

So in order for the Republican Party to appeal to younger voters, it should change its platform to open borders and the Green New Deal. Sounds like the same old Flake to us.


Now tell us who Sen. Mitt Romney is voting for and really blow our minds.


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