As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton was Joe Biden’s special guest during his virtual town hall Tuesday, which kicked off with a thrilling 20 seconds or so of the two just sitting there silently staring at the camera — really compelling stuff. We wonder if Clinton might try to sell Biden some never-used fireworks for his election celebration party.

Not unexpectedly, Clinton endorsed Joe Biden — the last Democratic candidate standing — conveniently leaving aside her mantra that survivors of sexual assault deserve to be heard and believed.

Matt Berman, politics editor of BuzzFeed News, called Clinton’s endorsement “another blow to President Donald Trump.”

Yeah, that’s really going to turn off Trump’s base for sure.

We’ll see if Clinton’s endorsement has a seismic effect on the next round of polls. Funny how no one came out to endorse Biden, including his former boss, until everyone else had dropped out of the race.