As Twitchy reported last week, VOA’s White House bureau chief got awfully salty that OANN’s Chanel Rion got to ask President Trump a question at Tuesday’s coronavirus press briefing, noting that she’s “the only reporter who doesn’t have a seat in the room because OANN violated the WHCA social distancing guidelines” — or at least that’s the White House Correspondents Association’s story.

President Trump wasn’t scheduled to have a press briefing Monday but he had one anyway, and Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering asked Trump if there were any ways to hold China accountable for its role in spreading the coronavirus.

What sort of racist question is that?

It does equal racism:

People are really upset that Breitbart’s reporter with the punchable face wearing his dad’s suit got to ask a question that was obviously planted.

They’re not real publications like New York Magazine, whose reporter asked the president if he deserved to be reelected after losing “more Americans over the course of six weeks than died over the entirety of the Vietnam War.”

We didn’t notice, but thanks for pointing it out. By the way, here is Spiering’s totally planted racist douchebag question:

Um, that was debunked. He owes the Bank of China nothing and hasn’t since 2012. But it was good of Politico to leave the tweet up so people could keep passing it around.

So as far as the mainstream media goes, it’s racist to say Wuhan virus, Bill de Blasio and Nancy Pelosi take no blame for encouraging people to get out and mingle in large crowds, and it’s wrong to question the guidance we got from the World Health Organization.