David Steinberg has been investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar for years, and he has a new piece in The Blaze arguing that Omar “has likely committed the most extensive spree of federal and state felonies by an elected official in American history.”

Steinberg mentions how Omar has deleted several social media posts in which she refers to her father as Nur Said. As Twitchy reported, a spokesperson explained away the deletion of a Father’s Day tweet to Nur Said by saying that Nur Said means “Happy Light” and has been her nickname for her father since childhood. Why delete it? Because of constant threats to herself and her family.

Steinberg notes, however, that in the documentary “Time for Ilhan,” her father is identified as Nur Said and appears in the credits that way as well.

Steinberg writes:

First, learn the simple heart of the case: During her 2009-17 marriage, Omar seemed to have a father AND a father-in-law named Nur Said — a name so rare that in the U.S./U.K. only one man alive seems to fit both descriptions.

Near-universally, Somali naming tradition does not use family surnames. Somali children receive a first name followed by the first names of the father, paternal grandfather, and paternal great-grandfather.

It’s that simple. Ilhan’s father and father-in-law seemed to be “Nur Said.”

Try searching online: Only a small handful of people living in the U.S. or U.K. have a name that includes “Nur Said.” One, according to Ilhan herself, is her father. Incredibly, she married one of the very few others. And no “Nur Said” seems to fit the name and age range of her father-in-law — except for her own father.

Over at The Blaze, Steinberg has screenshots from “Time for Ilhan” showing Nur Said as her father and as a campaign team member.

As someone said above, there certainly are a lot of questions to be asked, but no one will for fear of being declared Islamophobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc.


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