As Twitchy reported, CNN went full reality TV when they broadcast a live shot of a post-quarantine Chris Cuomo emerging from the tomb — it was almost as compelling as watching Geraldo Rivera tunnel into Al Capone’s vault.  Even New York Times media columnist Ben Smith thought it was “remarkable” the extent to which CNN, a supposed news channel, had adopted reality TV values with the breaking shot of Cuomo climbing up the stairs from his basement.

Johnny “Joey” Jones, who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan, thinks he missed out and wonders if maybe CNN’s cameras could capture his discharge from Walter Reed if he recreated it?

There was a bit of drama there on CNN for a guy leaving his basement.

It’s actress Kristy Swanson!

Jones might have been a Marine, but Cuomo and journalists like him are like firefighters running toward the flames.

How about it, CNN? Maybe stop making yourselves the news for one day and actually get out there and cover some real heroes. Actually, forget it — you’d just be in their way.