Forget all of the stay-at-home demonstrations across the country, because this is the only one that matters. Watch as a woman probably named Karen refuses to leave a public playground closed due to coronavirus concerns despite the most patient cop in the United States trying to convince her to pack up and go home.

According to KTVB 7, the playdate was actually a planned protest.

As she was being handcuffed, [Sara] Brady sternly said, while pointing to the ground, “Someone call Idaho Freedom Foundation right now and get them on the phone.”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation said it was part of a planned protest. They have an ongoing list of places that will hold protests against the stay at home order.

During the confrontation leading up to Brady’s arrest, an unnamed city employee asked Brady and the woman filming it, “Were you guys organized to do this? So all of you just showed up at once?”

See, not all shelter-in-place protesters are Confederate-flag carrying Nazis driving pickup trucks; some are suburban moms.

It gets crazier. According to the Huffington Post, famed militia member Ammon Bundy led a protest at the home of the cop who arrested Brady … who is also “a prominent Idaho anti-vaxxer.”

Is it just us, or are things getting crazier out there?