There were plenty of news stories back when there were 47 people running for the Democratic presidential nomination that it was the most diverse field ever. Then the Democrats spoke at the polls and narrowed down that field to two white men in their 70s after ejecting the Native American woman. Now the Democrats have the whitest of candidates who reminisces about how black children amused themselves by rubbing his blonde leg hair in the swimming pool.

A new Pew poll reports that 49 percent of Democrats polled said they’re bothered by the fact that their nominee is a white man in his 70s. Whites seem to care a lot more than blacks or Hispanics, who don’t seem nearly as bothered. Maybe black voters still thank Biden and his boss for keeping Mitt Romney from putting them back in chains.

Elizabeth Warren supporters are the most upset:

It was always funny to hear Warren drag that one out.

We’d really like to see that number because we’d bet it’s pretty significant. It’s no wonder why Democrats were getting all hot and bothered about white man Andrew Cuomo taking over the nomination after they saw him giving coronavirus press conferences.