What was that question someone anonymously left for OANN’s White House correspondent? Do you think your question helped stop the spread of the coronavirus? That really should be taped to the backs of all the chairs in the White House briefing room.

On Monday, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor told President Trump she’d interviewed someone whose family got sick by going to a funeral in March, and they blame Trump because he wasn’t wearing a mask or telling them they should have stayed home.

You remember that clip of Joe Biden losing it on a reporter and shouting “Why” over and over again? Why does that never, ever happen to Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Mayor Bill de Blasio, who are on video urging people not to change their lifestyles as late as March?

Neither are most of the reporters in the briefing room. Alcindor certainly wasn’t wearing one.

There’s just no bottom of the barrel for these journalists who are supposedly passing on life-saving information to us daily.