As Twitchy reported Wednesday, night, Fox News had an exclusive report with multiple sources confirming that COVID-19 didn’t originate from a wet market but rather originated in a Wuhan laboratory and was transmitted from a bat to “patient zero,” i.e., the “conspiracy theory” that Sen. Tom Cotton was spreading.

CNN picked up on Fox News’ reporting, and The Hill picked up on CNN’s reporting, emphasizing that the theory was unverified and was being pushed by conservatives, including President Trump.

John Bowden reports:

U.S. officials are reportedly investigating an unverified theory pushed by conservatives including President Trump that the coronavirus outbreak began in a Chinese laboratory.

CNN reported Thursday that officials are probing numerous theories related to the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, including one that suggests poor lab safety protocols allowed a virus that may have originated at the lab to be carried out with personnel.

The theory, which has not yet been corroborated, is reportedly one of multiple possibilities the U.S. is investigating.

Since media outlets like The Hill maintain that conservatives are the ones “pushing” the theory, does that mean the theory’s wrong and shouldn’t be investigated? Why does that matter?

“U.S. officials are investigating the origin of the coronavirus” would have been plenty.


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