As the New York Post recently reported, a survey of 6,227 physicians in 30 countries found that hydroxychloroquine was rated the most effective coronavirus treatment, with 72 percent of physicians in Spain reporting they had prescribed it.

Still, as President Trump touted the possible game-changer in the treatment of COVID-19, the media narrative kicked in that hydroxychloroquine was a hazard, with CNN’s Brian Stelter fretting that Trump was pushing a “dangerous and unconfirmed” treatment at his “disturbing” White House press briefings. What do you have to lose trying it? “Just your life, I suppose” answered Obama bro Jon Favreau.

It’s no secret that scientists are working on a vaccine for COVID-19, but it’s been a secret in the mainstream media that hydroxychloroquine seems to be helping a lot of patients, as both they and they doctors attest on social media.

In that spirit, the New York Times on Saturday ran a feature on Dr. Andre Kalil, “a principal investigator in the federal government’s clinical trial of drugs that may treat the coronavirus.” Kalil doesn’t want people to forget that many drugs that showed promise ended up killing people.

The Times reports:

Beginning every morning at 5:30, Dr. Andre Kalil makes himself a double espresso, runs 10 kilometers, makes additional double espressos for himself and his wife, and heads to his office at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

A deluge awaits him.

Calls and insistent emails pile up each day. Patients and their doctors are clamoring for untested coronavirus treatments, encouraged by President Trump, who said that “we can’t wait” for rigorous studies of the anti-malarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, and that ill patients should have ready access to experimental medicines.

The Times seems particularly upset that people are encouraged by President Trump, period.

We’re sort of caught between the media saying to be patient and wait for a vaccine that’s been properly tested in clinical trials and the media almost gleefully reporting that the United States has the highest death toll and it’s climbing daily. Let doctors and patients decide what they want to try.