The Democrats, who sat on the articles of impeachment over Christmas break and then spent the entire month of January playing impeachment theater in the Senate, knowing the Republican-led Senate would never vote to impeach or remove the president, now have time to look back and assume that the coronavirus outbreak “didn’t have to be this bad” if only China had been more forthcoming with the outbreak in Wuhan.

No, wait, the DNC didn’t mention China at all in its tweet, nor the World Health Organization. It simply blames President Trump for not taking the COVID-19 outbreak more seriously at the beginning and acting sooner. Pretty cut and dried.

And having the luxury of 20/20 hindsight, what would the Democrats have done differently, except kept the borders open?

That phone call to Ukraine’s president took precedence over everything.

Well, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rep. Nancy Pelosi encouraged everyone to prove they weren’t racist by going to packed Lunar New Year celebrations in February.

Which Democrat tried to get the president’s attention about the dangers of the coronavirus?