There’s a Twitter tiff going on Wednesday night that we’ll get to in a minute, but first, remember last week that The Federalist wrote about a left-wing activist group called “Free Press” that was petitioning the FCC to make broadcasters stop airing President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings.

On Monday, the FCC politely declined the group’s request to investigate:

We’re assuming that could be what got the ball rolling for BuzzFeed senior investigative reporter Jason Leopold to file a Freedom of Information Act request with the FCC asking for all the complaints the FCC has received about Trump’s briefings.

You can probably read it yourself, but we’ll write up that second ticket entitled, “Man on TV is saying to take Malaria med with other drug”:


Donald Trump is suggesting two different pharmaceuticals to combat COVID-19 without scientific research based on heresy [sic.] My elderly neighbor believes him, this is very unsettling. Make him stop lying.

And again we ask, why does no one complain when Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces New York is rolling out hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus? And where are the complaints about Mayor Bill de Blasio encouraging everyone to get out and mingle because there was no danger of catching it?

They are “interesting,” true.

But wait … it can’t be a story about complaints about Fox News without Stelter popping back up:

The thing is, even if the JournoList isn’t a thing anymore, journalists don’t even have to coordinate because they’re all on the same page anyway: Look at how the media narrative has turned to how hydroxychloroquine is dangerous and maybe even deadly (while reports that it’s been a lifesaver have come from doctors themselves). We’ll bet Stelter now starts filing FOIA requests with the FCC for more complaints about Fox News to put in his book.