Joe Biden has teased a lot of things about his vice presidential pick — at one point he really ticked off potential supporters by saying he’d consider a Republican running mate — but he keeps coming back to the notion that his pick has to be a woman.

We don’t really have a problem with that, assuming that that woman is not Hillary Clinton, but let’s be serious: Biden voters have to know in the back of their minds that this particular running mate may very well take over before Biden’s first term is over, considering his age and what certainly looks like some cognitive decline in the past few years.

Biden says he’s looking for a woman who has strengths where he has weaknesses:

Good one.

That’s a terribly frightening scenario until we remind ourselves that President Trump will win re-election in a landslide.

Well, yeah, obviously. The Democrat voters already passed on the most diverse field ever to narrow it down to two elderly white men, so the VP is going to have to make up for that.

Agreed. That’s another nightmare scenario. As is this:

That’s a good question. Is Biden a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, or a TERF?