As Twitchy reported earlier, Bernie Sanders finally dropped out of the presidential race Wednesday, and according to BuzzFeed News’ Ruby Cramer, veterans of Hillary for America were invited to a (now canceled) celebration toast called “Bye, bye Bernard” viz Zoom teleconference.

Cramer writes:

Less than an hour after Bernie Sanders told supporters he was ending his presidential campaign, dozens of staffers who worked for his opponent four years ago received the same mass email: a link to a Zoom video call scheduled for 4 p.m.

“Invitation: Bye, bye Bernard (HFA celebration toast),” the email to former Hillary Clinton staffers read on early Wednesday afternoon, according to screenshots provided by two people.

“He’s finally gone (again!). Join for a celebratory toast if you can! And yes, you can loop :)”

The Democratic operatives who lived through 2016 joke, somewhat bitterly, about the primary that never ended — a one-on-one race between two candidates, and campaign teams, who didn’t particularly respect or like one another.

It seems the Hillary for America staffers forgot how long Clinton drew out her primary challenge against Barack Obama. Needless to say, Bernie Bros aren’t happy, and even people who voted for Clinton in 2016 are saying they regret their vote.

These people will never get over 2016 and anyone who stood in the way of Clinton’s rightful coronation.