As Twitchy reported over the weekend, the narrative in the media and among Democrats seemed to be that President Trump was endangering the public by talking up hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for those who’ve contracted COVID-19, with Obama bro Jon Favreau even suggesting you’d have nothing to lose by trying it — except maybe your life.

It’s gotten to the point where a senior adviser to the Biden campaign tweeted that she was going to make a referral to The Hague for crimes against humanity for Trump promoting a drug that hadn’t been tested.

As Twitchy has also pointed out, Gov. Andrew Cuomo can say pretty much the exact same thing as Trump and be praised for it to the point where Democrats are hoping Joe Biden drops out and Cuomo steps in to take the nomination. But will Cuomo also be referred to The Hauge for prosecution for promoting hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for the coronavirus?

Actually, doctors from 30 countries were polled, not just the United States.

Sen. Chuck Schumer seems to be working on it.

In other news:

Why do all the people freaking out about Trump’s optimism about hydroxychloroquine yawn when someone like Cuomo suggests giving it a try?