Whether you believe Tara Reade or not, the contrast with the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings is striking. Kavanaugh was presumed guilty. Senators pored over his high school yearbook for evidence that he’d held gang-rape parties in high school where he drugged the punch. And it was only after he was nominated for the Supreme Court that accusers like Christine Blasey-Ford came out of the woodwork with dubious memories of what exactly happened decades ago. And yet now the same people are wondering why Reade is coming out with her story only now, when Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

The biggest difference, though: Kavanaugh’s hearings were televised from beginning to end, while not one cable or broadcast news network we know of has even touched the Reade accusations. And for some reason, The Economist thinks that’s “striking.”

The Economist reports:

In an interview broadcast on March 25th [Reade] said that Mr. Biden touched her in ways that made her feel “like an inanimate object”. She said that one day a scheduler in Mr. Biden’s office told her to bring the senator his gym bag. When she did, he allegedly held her against a wall and put his hands up her skirt. When she pulled away, she says Mr. Biden said, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” Ms. Reade says that she was later moved to a windowless office and frozen out.

Reade can at least name a time and a place, so why the silence?

We like that middle headline: “Joe Biden: When a woman alleges sexual assault, presume she is telling the truth.”

Exit question:

The media’s silence this time around isn’t really so striking, is it?