The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t quite pushed the United States to a “Mad Max” dystopia quite yet; for the most part, social distancing has led to a lot of dog-walkers meeting up in the street to have conversations about self-quarantining while standing six feet apart. But for the vast majority of working-class Americans, the coronavirus has only proved that the United States is a “brutal, barbarian society” — at least according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a recent live stream.

As Twitchy just reported, Tom Elliott put together a fantastic compilation of Democrats describing the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to reshape the country into a socialist utopia. It was just a few days ago when House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said that the COVID-19 pandemic was a “tremendous opportunity” to advance Democratic policy goals.

As shocking as it may seem, Ocasio-Cortez does make sense some of the time; we don’t agree with her politics, but she can be eloquent in arguing for them. She starts this clip sounding reasonable, but then as she always does, she has to overplay her hand and go careening off the rails.

Yes, some Americans struggle to pay the rent each month, but we wouldn’t exactly call that “barbaric.”