As Twitchy reported the other day, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin from his bunker TV studio that he had a three-point plan to confront the coronavirus pandemic, although it seems he forgot what the third point was and just left it at two — kind of like during the Democratic primary debates when he was the only candidate to run out of steam and surrender his time rather than yell over everyone else.

Quin Hillyer has a pretty hot take in the Washington Examiner Thursday and posits that if Joe Biden were president in January, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic would have been earlier and more effective.

Hillyer writes:

On Jan. 27, USA Today published a column by Biden saying that Trump should be doing far more to respond to the threat of a coronavirus pandemic. At a time when only 80 people had been confirmed dead of the virus even in China, and fewer than five people had been diagnosed with it in the United States, Biden identified it as a “global health challenge” that “will get worse before it gets better” and warned that “diseases do not stop at borders.”

Granted, Biden’s column was heavier on criticisms of Trump than it was on concrete proposals for battling the coronavirus, but the very fact that he recognized the severity of the danger so much earlier than Trump indicates he would have begun important countermeasures sooner.

No it doesn’t. Hillyard also notes that Biden’s USA Today column was published days before Trump’s travel ban from China, which Hillyard says Trump “now overhypes.” Best to play down that travel ban, considering candidate Biden connected the travel ban to Trump’s “record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear-mongering.” So closing the border was hysterical and xenophobic … no wonder Trump “overhypes” its effectiveness.

So, if only President Biden had been in the Oval Office in January, huh?

Until Biden himself can tell us what he would have done differently … other than leaving the borders open … we call malarkey.