Dr. Deborah Brix is doing double-duty Thursday, appearing with President Trump at his daily coronavirus briefing and answering questions at Fox News’ coronavirus town hall. She’s already been under fire for being too in sync with the president: CNN’s Joe Lockhart called her the “Stepford Doc” and tweeted that she’s drunk the Kool-Aid, while the New York Times published a piece about how Trump has the ability to “turn” people, and Birx was just the latest example of someone who’d succumbed to his evil powers.

We don’t know who Charles P. Pierce is except we think he has a blog, we know he has a blue check, and he’s one of those people who put an asterisk after “president” when referring to Trump, so yeah.

We’d suppose all these attacks would be called misogyny if Birx were openly liberal, but since she’s on stage with Trump, it’s acceptable.

We’ve already seen people implying that Trump has “turned” Dr. Fauci as well — at least they can tune in to one of Joe Biden’s podcasts and hear from Obama’s Ebola czar, who had no medical background.