A Pew survey that was just released says that 76 percent of Americans have never even heard about QAnon. In a piece about the polling number, CNN’s Chris Cillizza summarizes QAnon as “a belief that there is a high-level government official — ‘Q’ — who sprinkles clues on internet message boards like 4chan and 8chan about a massive ‘deep state’ conspiracy (or series of conspiracies) at work in the country.”

It’s Wednesday and we’re still talking about MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell taking the mic at a White House presser and clearly violating the separation of church and state by urging people to read the Bible.

It gets better, though. Lindell retweeted this tweet by YouTuber Jordan Sather, showing the coupon code “Q” on his website.

Here’s Ben Collins of NBC News:

Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch noted that other letters worked as well:

Although he still posted a story about it Wednesday:

But wait, there’s more! BuzzFeed News’ Ryan Broderick is on the case too:

Credit to Broderick for getting in touch with Lindell:


Our verdict? We consider the “QAnon sent Mike Lindell to the White House” case closed.


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