Our post starts at The Hill, which on Wednesday ran an opinion piece by Steven Cash about the deep state and why it’s a good thing; Cash prefers to refer to it as the “steady state,” “the body of long-serving Intelligence Officers whose tenure transcends administrations and elections, and whose longevity and experience provides both wisdom and stability, and allows for the embrace and execution of the methods which allow espionage to be effectively conducted in our democracy.”

Former CIA clandestine service officer John Sipher tweeted the piece Monday and caught the attention of journalist Adam Housley.

Sharyl Attkisson followed up on it quite closely. We don’t think it being a non-issue is why the mainstream press largely ignored it.

Housley retweeted this flashback from the Wall Street Journal:

Look, if someone has to write a piece defending the deep state — sorry, the steady state — then obviously its reputation has taken a hit. Much like the mainstream media, it seems the intelligence community doesn’t understand why people mistrust them to such a degree now.