We continue to believe that there are thoughtful atheists out there who would consider it a good thing that so many billions of people around the globe have found comfort in their belief in God, but they’re an awfully quiet bunch. Instead we usually only get the loudmouth types like Richard Dawkins and his less eloquent disciples who make heady arguments along the lines of, “You prayed for this and it didn’t happen; therefore, there is no God.”

Ali A. Rizvi is the author of “The Atheist Muslim.” We haven’t read it so we’re not sure where to put the emphasis, on atheist or Muslim, but we do know where he lands on the douchebag scale. Here he is presenting a chart of COVID-19 deaths in the United States with a handy annotation of the National Day of Prayer.

Minds far greater than Rizvi’s have long since tackled the question of why God allows bad things to happen, but he’s just sayin’.

Where would anyone have gotten the idea that he was dunking on believers? Just sayin’.

Norm MacDonald made a great point the other night; elderly people in nursing homes are most vulnerable to COVID-19, so why don’t a bunch of Hollywood celebrities get together and sing, “Imagine there’s no heaven” to cheer them up?

Put that on a graph.

Good point.