As Twitchy reported, earlier, President Trump’s national “deadline” of ending social distancing and sending people back to work after an Easter Sunday service at church has been pushed back to the end of the month. Here was the reporting from CNBC when Trump said it would be great to have the economy up and running by Easter.

“I would love to have” somehow became setting a deadline.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also made a big deal about the president “overruling top health officials” with his Easter deadline. But as transcripts show, Trump had only ever said he’d “love to have the country opened up by Easter.” Asked in a second interview by Fox News, Trump simply said, “It’s sort of in that timeline I’ve been thinking about. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the churches full?” He concluded he was “not sure that’s going to be the day but I would love to aim it right at Easter.”

That doesn’t sound like a deadline to us. But Prof. Jonathan Turley noted that in its reporting today, CNN is saying that only “now” is Trump claiming Easter was an aspirational date.

The media is loving the extension of stay-at-home guidelines to the end of the month if only because they can dunk on Trump for being wrong. Despite fawning over the “Hope and Change” president for eight years, the media now seems to have no idea how to deal with optimism coming from the Oval Office.

We’d love for the correspondents in the White House briefing room to be asked exactly which date they’d ease up on social distancing and send people back to work. Of course, they’re all working, so they don’t care, even though the bars at which they used to meet after (and before) work have shuttered.

And they hate him for it because he does give people — voters — hope.