A Twitchy reported, President Trump featured the private sector at his outdoor coronavirus presser Monday, showing off a new machine from Abbott Labs that can complete a coronavirus test in five minutes and machines that can sterilize N95 masks for reuse up to 20 times. He also allowed Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO, to take the podium to announce his company had switched over to producing masks, but the God talk was a little too much for some, who wondered why the MyPillow guy was even there. Was it a joke?

We’ve already compiled a ton of reactions, most from journalists, but we need to give Tom Nichols another look because it sounds like he’s making the claim that Lindell has put us in our current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. He goes off on a rant for several tweets, but what is this?

“If it weren’t for people like Lindell, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” That must mean something other than what we’re reading. Or not:

So Lindell brought on this pandemic through prayer or something?

We don’t attend Nichols’ classes, but if we did, we’d probably guess what he was saying is that conservative Christians who support and enable Trump, like Lindell, are responsible for Trump being president and therefore botching America’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe he blames Christians for believing in their faith over science:


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