It’s Saturday afternoon and #TrumpGenocide is trending, although the hashtag’s been floating around for a few days and been used by celebrities like “Queen of Nice” Rosie O’Donnell. Of all the people promoting the hashtag, we give special attention to Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report, who used it to promote his article on his website, “#TrumpGenocide trends as Donald Trump confesses to mass murder of Americans.”

We guess China’s propaganda effort to shift the blame for the global pandemic from themselves to President Trump has worked a charm.

Palmer writes:

Yesterday Donald Trump went on live national television and confessed to the felony crime of mass murder when he admitted that he’s letting people die in Michigan and Washington because he doesn’t like their Governors. Now Trump is being accused of another crime: genocide against the American people.

Genocide is generally defined as the mass murder of a specific demographic of people. In this instance, it could be argued that Donald Trump is murdering certain Americans based on their political leanings. Whether this meets the formal definition of genocide or not, the hashtag #TrumpGenocide has begun trending atop Twitter.

And this clown has 315,000 followers.

Everything on his website is stupid, but the “felony mass murder” charge is amazing — we’re sure that will hold up in court … at The Hague, where all of Palmer’s followers see Trump ending up after Biden wins the election.

For what it’s worth, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman took a similar tack Friday by selectively editing the same quote:


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