As Twitchy reported, a lot of people, including former GOP Representative Justin Amash, are unhappy that Congress’s economic stimulus bill in the face of the coronavirus outbreak is nothing more than “corporate welfare,” with his colleague Rep. Dan Crenshaw explaining the difference: this isn’t a bailout of companies that made bad decisions; it’s emergency relief to businesses that were forced to close down due to the coronavirus.

We’ve also reported on the large number of mainstream media outlets that just a month ago were publishing articles and doing cable news programs about how the coronavirus is nothing and the thing Americans really should be afraid of catching is the flu, as it kills way more people than the coronavirus has proved to.

Put those two takes together and you get something like this from talk show host Bill Mitchell, who wonders where his government stimulus check is for diarrhea, which also has killed more than the coronavirus.

Where’s you diarrhea check? HERE’s your diarrhea check:

He’s kidding, right?


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