When we put Marxist-Leninist in the headline, chances are you thought this article was going to feature either a university professor or a political science major, and if you guessed the latter, you’re correct.

Comrade Alexia, who has the hammer and sickle in her Twitter name, says she’s a chair of the Students for Socialism at Arizona State University, and she notes her location as “occupied O’odham land.” While it seems every western journalist has at least declared the terms “Chinese virus,” “foreign virus,” and “Wuhan virus” (just days after calling it the Wuhan virus themselves) racist, Comrade Alexia is calling the very idea that China was involved in any sort of cover-up “Western propaganda.”

And don’t forget they pulled the press credentials of reporters for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

She would, but she’s staying here to work for the glorious revolution in Arizona.


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