As Twitchy reported, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden gave his daily coronavirus address to the nation Wednesday from his bunker, and if we’re understanding this correctly — which is tough to do when Biden speaks — he thinks the next round of economic stimulus legislation, which presumably will take place after he’s inaugurated in January, will be an opportunity to create good-paying new infrastructure jobs under his green deal.

Remember, this is the guy who answered yes when asked at a debate, “Would you be willing to sacrifice potentially hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?” He also wants to wean the country off of fossil fuels, eliminating those jobs, and also told a young boy that America “should eliminate and transition away from the use of plastics.” Biden might not be for the Green New Deal, but he’s got his own green deal in mind and thinks the opportunity is approaching.

All of those great-paying jobs in the oil industry will just transition to great-paying jobs building solar panels, like Solyndra.

We can all relax, though, because Biden’s green deal will be a “moderate” version of the full-blown socialist Green New Deal that not a single senator voted yes on when it came to the floor.


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