The Resistance and pretty much everyone on the Left has made it clear that the only person in the Trump administration they trust for information on the coronavirus is Dr. Anthony Fauci — any time he’s not present at a press briefing, some form of hashtag asking where he is starts trending on Twitter, with the assumption that President Trump is muzzling him for some reason.

As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, Fauci told WMAL in an interview that the media is trying to “pit” him against President Trump and it “is just not helpful.”

Speaking of not helpful, CNN’s Chris Cillizza offered his analysis in which he ponders if Trump has just had enough of Fauci.

Cillizza’s made the list:

Fauci comes right out and tells the media what they’re doing is not helpful, which Cillizza saw as his cue to get in on it with his expert analysis.


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