We already have the national media doing a full-court press on how it’s racist to call COVID-19 anything other than that or the coronavirus, even though they’d all called it the Wuhan virus for weeks before deciding it was xenophobic and dangerous to Asian Americans.

Kyle Clark, a journalist at 9News in Denver, also got in on the action:

It’s a nice disclaimer that he added “at this point,” absolving his own station and the rest of the media for calling it the Wuhan virus before. And saying “everyone else knows why” just means they’ve been indoctrinated with PRC talking points.

Clark had better have a word with whoever does his station’s social media posts:

Wow, 9News in Denver really is racist:

We think it was March 11 when the racism narrative kicked in because that was the night President Trump called it a “foreign virus” in his address from the Oval Office.

The word police are everywhere — and they’re probably not even getting paid by China for their work — they’re just doing it to virtue signal.


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