Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine held a press conference Monday afternoon in which he said he would seek to move the state’s primary election, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday, to June.

A (now deleted) tweet from CNN says that a court has granted his request.

But if you click on the tweet, you get this:

Ohio will join three other states in holding its Democratic presidential primary as scheduled on Tuesday after a court denied a request to move the state’s contest over novel coronavirus concerns.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine had asked the court to move the primary election to June amid the pandemic. The court’s denial comes as the spread of the virus has caused a major disruption to American life as government officials work to stem the pandemic. Illinois, Florida and Arizona will also hold their elections Tuesday as planned.

That’s a pretty big mistake: telling voters the election will take place in June when it’s actually tomorrow.

Looks like social distancing won’t be taking place in Ohio Tuesday as people crowd the polls.

And it’s not been a good day at CNN for getting the news right.