At first, we were going to give Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kudos for going on Fox News, but then she had to go and spoil it by tweeting a disclaimer:

So in other words, she’s still acting as a campaign surrogate for Bernie Sanders, and she blamed “rampant voter suppression” for his losses to Joe Biden. She makes a good point: no one should have to stand in line for hours to cast a vote. However, she also admitted that it was young Sanders supporters who failed to show up; in other words, older voters were able to stand in line for hours to cast votes for Joe Biden, but it was too much for the younger generation, so they turned around and went home.

How is it that, as in Georgia, Democrats can see record turnout at the polls and still claim voter suppression? Democrats are funny — they accuse themselves of voter suppression, not to mention sexism for passing over Elizabeth Warren.

But you did.

Funny how they’re always happy to post videos of the lines of people waiting hours to get into a Biden or Sanders rally.


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