There were once rumblings about David French running for president as an alternative to Donald Trump, but now he’s a bystander like the rest of us. And as you’ve probably heard, there’s a lot of talk going around of canceling not only future Democratic debates but whole primaries as well. Bernie Sanders doesn’t agree with that and said he’s looking forward to the debate Sunday in Arizona and has a lot of questions for Joe Biden on Medicare for All and other topics.

French wants the debate canceled, seeing as Biden’s the inevitable nominee and it would just give Sanders an opportunity to damage him politically. Obviously, if you’re a Trump supporter, you want Biden damaged as much as possible before the general, and that means keeping him in the public eye and talking and poking and hair sniffing.

There’s no benefit to Joe Biden to appear in public ever again until the debates with Trump, but let’s not let him get away with that. Make the man fight for it a bit.

Yeah, it’s annoying to us when people who aren’t truly Republicans call themselves “conservative bloggers” and urge their readers to vote Democrat.

Because orange man bad.

If it hurts Biden, yes.



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