As Twitchy reported earlier, “FOX & Friends” tracked down and interviewed the Detroit autoworker 2020 front runner Joe Biden said was “full of s**t” and threatened to slap after he asked Biden about his gun control policy. Remember: As recently as March 3, Biden was touting Beto O’Rourke — the guy who sold T-shirts saying, “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15” — as his gun control czar, saying, “You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re gonna be the one who leads this effort.”

So it’s understandable that a citizen might have concerns over gun confiscation or a mandatory buyback under a Biden administration. Dana Loesch has a great piece at her website breaking down the exchange and calling out Biden.

Loesch refers in her piece to this clip of Biden being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper where he says “Bingo!” when Cooper brings up confiscation.

Loesch writes:

Biden is also incorrect when he analogizes semi-autos to full-autos, which are not illegal. Biden’s argument is that because machine guns are harder to get it means they’re used less in crimes, but the semi-auto rifles he wants to ban are also used vastly less in crime (a minuscule percentage; same for shotguns) especially compared to handguns. His argument on rounds is also illogical — you can ban certain magazine capacities with unenforceable laws (that have no effect on crime driven by repeat offenders) and people will carry more magazines that take a second or less to swap. These aren’t serious proposals from a person serious about crime or violence.

Maybe that’s why Biden got so worked up — he doesn’t have a serious proposal and he knows it.

Biden loves to tell you he owns a shotgun, and he’s encouraged every American to buy a shotgun to have to just shoot through the front door if you think there’s an intruder out there in the dark.


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