Believe it or not, there are plenty of households where the spouses belong to different political parties and just cancel out each others’ votes every election. We’re only in the primaries now, but The Atlantic is bringing us the saga of a woman who thought the rare chance to vote for a progressive woman would translate to her husband, who instead went for progressive man Bernie Sanders.

Believe us, a lot of people tweeted that they were crying — literally crying, and sometimes crying again — when Warren released a video on persisting and keeping up the fight a few days after she dropped out. Imagine when President Trump wins re-election. Anyway …

Ellen O’Connell Whittet writes:

Ever since Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race, I’ve been mad at my husband. Just a week earlier, two canvassers for Bernie Sanders had shown up at our door with flyers. “We’re Warren people,” my husband told them, something I later joked was the most romantic thing he’d ever said. But in the days leading up to Super Tuesday, when our state of California hosted its primary, I watched him grow more and more agitated about the possibility of Joe Biden, a candidate who was not progressive enough for either of us, becoming the nominee. So for the first time in the eight years I’ve known my husband, we voted differently — I voted for Warren and he cast his ballot for Sanders.

After we voted, I told him I was upset that the Democratic Party had not prioritized a woman and/or a person of color, and that he didn’t support a woman with a real shot at the nomination — a candidate he loved — when it mattered. He was understandably defensive. I wanted him to say he regretted his vote, and all he could truthfully say he regretted was that the country had made his choice for him long before he cast his ballot. I felt frustrated with him for giving up on the candidate we both loved before it was over, and frustrated with myself because trying to persuade him to vote for a female candidate made me feel at times as if I were asking him to use his vote for sympathy rather than strategy. I just wish voting for a progressive woman didn’t feel like a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so rare that it would cause me to silently fume at my own husband for making a different decision.

Guess he should have just lied and said he voted for Warren — at least then they could have pretended to have kept their voting records aligned and they could have bonded over the loss of the candidate who wasn’t going to win anyway.

Looks like both of their progressive candidates are going to flame out, maybe even today. That’s going to be one sad household that has to pull the lever for “moderate” Joe Biden.


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