As you’ve probably seen by now, a Detroit autoworker told a visiting Joe Biden, “You are actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment right and take away our guns.” After all, Biden did say that Beto O’Rourke, famous for saying at a debate (and putting on campaign T-shirts), “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15,” would be leading his administration on gun control. “You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me,” Biden told O’Rourke at a campaign rally in Dallas.

Biden told the prospective voter that he was full of s**t and went on a rant about AR-14s. The media is loving it, but Bernie Bro Shaun King was not impressed.

Historian, author, and Twitter blue-check Kevin M. Kruse told King he didn’t think he had a winning argument telling people that “Joe Biden is rude to gun nuts.” So the guy’s a “gun nut” because he doesn’t want the government confiscating firearms? And we know this from a video clip? Who else is a gun nut in that crowd?

Biden does have a history of poking voters who approach him with questions he doesn’t want to answer.

So the NRA and Fox News made up Democratic presidential candidates supporting mandatory “buybacks” at the debates and the Virginia Democratic representative who said Gov. Ralph Northam “may have to mobilize the National Guard” to enforce his gun control laws if it comes down to that?

We’re seriously baffled that anyone would vote for Sanders or Biden.

As we said above, Biden really does get into people’s personal space and poke them and put his hands on them when he’s challenged. It’s not right.

VICE News even put together a supercut of an angry Biden telling troublesome voters they should vote for the other guy. Now there’s a winning strategy.

To be fair, there are a lot of Biden supporters cheering him on, so maybe the video will help him. To us, though, it just goes to show a man who can’t handle the slightest criticism without becoming belligerent. Maybe that’s a side-effect of his childhood stuttering?


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