As Twitchy reported in February, Bernie Sanders managed to tick off a lot of life-long Democrats by tweeting that he had news for the Democratic establishment: “They can’t stop us.” That probably wasn’t the smartest move for a non-Democrat candidate looking for votes from as many Democrats as possible, but it’s Bernie Sanders, so … they guy can’t even help himself from praising Fidel Castro.

So it was a surprise when Sanders came out with a new ad featuring praise from Barack Obama, who’s the epitome of the “corporate establishment” Democrat. President Trump usually keeps fact-checker Daniel Dale busy, but today he’s breaking down that ad for CNN and noting that it really is creatively edited.

Dale writes:

The ad then cuts to a shot of Obama at the podium at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where Obama says, “That’s right. Feel the Bern!”

The concluding image of Obama at the podium might create the impression that he delivered this whole testimonial at the 2016 convention. In fact, Obama said the preceding lines in a speech in Vermont in 2006, when Obama was an Illinois senator supporting then-congressman Sanders’ bid for the Senate.

Obama did say, “That’s right. Feel the Bern!” at the 2016 convention. But he said it while trying to get Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton, not while offering an endorsement of Sanders.

Even Joe Biden could remember that Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016. This ad really does reek of desperation.

Like Hillary Clinton said recently, nobody likes him and nobody wants to work with him.

Then again …


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