Feel free to watch this video from CBS News with the sound off: you’ll be free of the commentary and also see some Russian kids with some mad skills assembling AK-47s as quickly as 27 seconds. Of course, CBS News describes this contest of skill as “Kalashnikovs as toys.”

Um, these kids know damn well that those rifles aren’t toys — which is a lot more than can be said for American gun-grabbers who’ve never touched a firearm and are certain it would fire if they did.

We’d also note that no one was shot. Can you imagine that? The guns didn’t go off and kill anybody … miraculous.

Yeah, she was really struggling.

Yes, your first-graders are in public school going to Drag Queen Story Hour and learning about gender fluidity.

But the 6-year-old …

Again, show us the kid playing with the rifle like it’s a toy. These kids respect firearms.