We’re kind of split here because CNN’s Jake Tapper posted video from President Trump’s rally in South Carolina Friday night showing that he never called the coronavirus a “hoax,” but that Democrats were politicizing it against him, as they did with the Russian collusion hoax. But then again, seeing how journalists can never root for a side, 20 minutes earlier Tapper whiffed and tweeted that Trump “says” he didn’t mean the coronavirus was a hoax. That 20-minute gap was enough for the TDS-inflicted to insist Trump was lying — not that it matters, because they’d never watch the video anyway.

Amazingly enough, that video clip was provided by Vox’s Aaron Rupar, who still claims those undercover Planned Parenthood videos about selling baby parts were “deceptively edited.” Credit to him, too, we guess, for not cutting down the president’s remarks to an eight-second clip.

So, kudos to Tapper, we guess, for sort of calling out the big lie of the weekend.

Didn’t CNN tout themselves as the “Facts First” network? So why does Tapper leave it up to the audience to decide what Trump said?