The party of science that is now claiming that President Trump is going to get us all killed with his “late” response to the coronavirus is the same party that said the GOP tax cuts were “Armageddon” and that we were all going to die from them.

It’s up to the 2020 Democratic candidates to now convince the public that they’re in terrible economic shape and that only billionaires are doing well in the Trump economy. Joe Biden, at a rally in South Carolina, wanted to know if anyone in the audience actually benefitted from those GOP tax cuts for the 1 percent, and Merrill Lynch financial advisor Nico Parisi raised his hand.

Rather than challenging him to a push-up contest or calling him a dog-faced pony solider, Biden assured him and anyone else doing well that their taxes would be going up under a Biden administration.

“I recognize you” — you’re the guy who admitted that he benefited from the GOP tax cuts when asked.

Biden’s not even tuned in enough to tell a middle-class crowd that it’s only billionaires’ taxes that are going to go up.


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