2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — just one of many senators who didn’t vote for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal resolution when it came to the floor — has made news with his private jet travel, as when he and Elizabeth Warren returned to Washington, D.C. on two separate private jets from the same airport just 36 minutes apart.

TMZ has gotten into 2020 election coverage and brings us the story of Sanders accidentally boarding the wrong private jet — a first-world problem to be sure. We wonder if he sometimes mixes up his three houses.

TMZ reports:

Bernie Sanders is on the go all the time — which seems to have given him a momentary case of a campaign brain fart as he accidentally boarded the wrong jet.

As for this little mix-up here, it’s kinda funny. Bernie’s been flying all over the country for different campaign events — so the guy’s definitely busy and has a preoccupied mind at the moment. Mistakes like this (getting on the wrong Gulfstream) are bound to happen.

Maybe he thought he was boarding a jet to Cuba to have his heart checked out.