Proving once again that CNN employs not one but two people to watch top-rated Fox News and then complain about it, Oliver Darcy has called out the hosts of “The Five” for doing a segment on the media politicizing the coronavirus threat.

Darcy does know that Rush Limbaugh isn’t a Fox News host. He must since it’s all he watches.

We’re not suggesting that CNN would ever weaponize coronavirus fears to attack President Trump; Darcy just needs to ask his fellow hall monitor Brian Stelter, who wrote this just yesterday:

Maybe Darcy’s just got a chip on his shoulder after “The Five’s” Greg Gutfeld called out Stelter last night; “Gross how media hopes for something bad to happen to a country to prove their humiliated idiocies of the past 4 years are finally validated,” he tweeted.

Make that 2,400 likes and counting:


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Stelter’s still doing all he can to make sure people panic under President Trump’s leadership:


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