It’s a huge mystery to us why African-Americans seem to be throwing their support behind Joe “Put Y’all Back in Chains” Biden, but Pete Buttigieg certainly would like to know Biden’s secret: it’s well documented that Buttigieg’s African-American support is practically zero. (It didn’t help that his campaign used stock photos from Kenya to represent the black South Carolinians who endorsed or supported him.)

The rest of the candidates were quiet about this Monday, and maybe it will come up at Tuesday night’s debate, but Buttigieg saluted Virginia for making steps toward hair justice.

CNN explains that the CROWN Act, which stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” would prevent incidents like the one in which a student was told to cut his dreadlocks if he wanted to walk at his high school graduation.

We’re pretty good with dreads at graduation, and it seems like something better argued at the school board level, but Buttigieg’s all-in for racial justice.

This might help Buttigieg if he gets that coveted vice-presidential nod; he can always point to his record (a tweet) on hair justice.


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