When Bernie Sanders absolutely dominated the Nevada caucuses Saturday, it was amazing to see the backlash even from the most liberal hosts MSNBC has to offer, and we’ve documented extensively here on Twitchy the meltdowns of NeverTrumpers who are looking like they’re going to have to vote for a socialist in order to conserve conservatism and save the country from a second Trump term.

It seems they thought the Democratic base would automatically approve of Joe Biden (who’s polling pretty well in South Carolina) or maybe even go in on another “moderate” like Michael Bloomberg or Pete Buttigieg. But now they’re picturing a debate stage featuring President Trump and Sen. Sanders, who just heaped some praise on Fidel Castro Sunday night and alienated a whole lot of Democrats by tweeting that he’s fighting both the Republican and Democratic establishment. Lifelong Dems are now wondering if Sanders is really on their side or if he’ll just run as a spoiler Independent if he doesn’t get the nod.

Pete J. Hasson posts an interesting scenario: Suppose it comes down to it and the Jennifer Rubins and Max Boots and Rick Wilsons just can’t in good conscience vote for a socialist … should they be welcomed back into the GOP’s big tent?

Good one.

Those cable news gigs are pretty sweet though.

Our feeling is if you still call yourself Never Trump after two awesome Supreme Court nominations and a booming economy, you’re never coming back to the GOP as long as President Trump is at the head of it, so it’s kind of a moot point.


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