While Joe Biden waits on that endorsement from Barack Obama, he keeps reminding us all โ€” through the debates and through ads like this one โ€” that he was part of the Obama administration. Itโ€™s almost as if Biden were spending all his campaign cash trying to get Obama re-elected; itโ€™s obvious he thought his standing as a popular presidentโ€™s vice president would allow him to coast through the primaries.

But now with Bernie Sanders the clear frontrunner, Bidenโ€™s starting to go negative, and in his new spot, he reminds us that Sanders was considering launching a primary challenge against Obama โ€” the first African-American president. It sounds racist to us.

Um, he does remember that both he and Hillary Clinton also ran against Barack Obama, right? Or maybe not โ€ฆ he forgets a lot.

Itโ€™s pretty desperate โ€ฆ which Biden is at this point.