If you were on Twitchy on Saturday — and you should have been — you’d have seen liberal TV pundits and Never Trumpers like Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol melting down over Bernie Sanders’ runaway win in the Nevada caucuses. Never Trumpers are starting to realize they’re going to have to vote for a socialist in November to own the cons, and the liberal media … well, they want President Trump out of office, and they’re certain Trump’s going to use the scary “socialist” label against his opponent in the general.

Sanders himself does what he can by always correcting people who call him a socialist — he’s a democratic socialist, thank you very much — but will the very word “socialist” scare even some Never Trumpers to secretly pull the lever for the incumbent?

Vox’s Ezra Klein is here to help. See, Sanders is campaigning on more of a socialist “ethic” than a platform.

And he connects, because kids who took out student loans to go to college and now have to pay them back consider themselves the victims of an “unjust” system. Here’s Klein to explain the “socialist ethic” further:

In his book Why You Should Be a Socialist, Nathan Robinson makes a distinction between the socialist ethic, which he defines as “anger at capitalism over its systematic destructiveness and injustice,” and socialist economics, which “rearranges the way goods are produced and distributed.”

“There’s the great Eugene Debs quote,” he said, “which is, ‘While there is a lower class, I am in it. While there’s a criminal element, I am of it. And while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.’ And that’s not a description of worker ownership, right? That’s a description of looking at the world and feeling solidarity with people who are at the bottom with the underclass, with the imprisoned.”

Meanwhile, you have Trump through the First Step Act enacting more prison reform than the previous administration ever did.

So Sanders, much like his surrogate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes clear in every tweet, is that the capitalist system is unfair, with women and minorities hardest hit. Does that make anyone more comfortable voting for a socialist?

Bread lines are good, ’cause at least everyone gets bread … until they run out.

Yep … we were even hearing it from Chris Matthews and Joy Reid. Democrats had better sober up and figure out what they’re gonna do about Bernie!

We especially get a kick out of the Bernie Bros trying to convince voters that not even President Sanders will be able to get his Medicare for All plan through the Senate, so your private health plans are safe. None of this stuff he promises is going to actually happen is a great campaign strategy.

What’s to say he wouldn’t go full-blown socialist if the American people were dumb enough to give him the power?

He and Jane could go on a lovely second honeymoon in the Soviet Union if it hadn’t collapsed.