It’s been a strange day: everyone knew that Bernie Sanders was the favorite heading into Nevada, and yet NeverTrumpers and MSNBC hosts and panelists are freaking out, realizing that all of those Bernie Bros are dead serious about wanting free health care and free college and student debt forgiveness and a $15 minimum wage and turning America into a socialist country, but one of those nice mostly white ones, like Denmark.

We’ve already done a wellness check on Bill Kristol, and now his bright Republican hope for 2020, Joe Walsh, is tweeting and trying to convince America that there’s no contest between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders — Sanders wants to give kids free college, while Trump will in his second term censor CNN … something we thought he’d have done in his first term if he wanted to and even could. Nice fear-mongering though.

Which is harder to believe: that Joe Walsh ever thought he had a chance or that Eric Swalwell ever though he had a chance?


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