This is one of those instances where you have to read past the headline. We’re guessing you spend some time on the hellscape that is Twitter, and a lot of people are calling Bernie Sanders supporters, aka Bernie Bros, abusive. Sanders, of course, suggests this might be the work of Russian bots.

So how do we get from there to this headline?

She does, sort of, in a sneaky, off-hand way. You probably know that Rep. Ilhan Omar has endorsed Sanders for president and acts as a campaign surrogate, so she got a little upset when Meghan McCain called out the Bernie Bros for their misogynistic social media posts:

So here’s how the puzzle fits together. McCain calls the Bernie Bros “the worst in all the internet.” Omar, taking offense on behalf of Sanders, made the argument that the same people who criticize progressives like Sanders “regularly traffic in anti-Muslim smears.”

Omar then added a screenshot of McCain asking, “How is this not a bigger deal” in response to a story about Omar marrying her brother and perpetrating immigration fraud. So it’s an anti-Muslim smear to question if Omar did or did not marry her brother? Is that a Muslim thing?

Like we said, it’s kind of sneaky how Omar managed to conflate criticism of the Bernie Bros with anti-Muslim smears; therefore, you can no longer call out the Bernie Bros (who might be Russian bots) without being branded Islamophobic, because the two go hand-in-hand.

It’s just one of those things that cannot be discussed.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained that already: Omar just has “a different experience in the use of words.”