We have some fun with NeverTrumpers who have vowed to vote Democrat no matter what just to get Donald Trump out of office. That means, of course, that a true conservative like Tom Nichols would happily pull the lever for socialist Bernie Sanders, right?

On MSNBC, liberal professor Eddie Glaude Jr. called out NeverTrumper Steve Schmidt for declaring Trump’s presidency an emergency but then suggesting he might not vote for Sanders if he’s the nominee.

David Rutz writes at The Free Beacon:

“If Donald Trump is the emergency you say he is, and the Democratic Party puts forward Bernie Sanders, and you tell me that you can’t vote for him, then it seems to me that Donald Trump isn’t the emergency that you say he is,” liberal professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said after Schmidt recounted the positives of a potential Michael Bloomberg candidacy against the threat of Trump’s presidency, proclaiming the former New York City mayor more electable than Sanders.

Schmidt didn’t explicitly say he wouldn’t vote for Sanders but he lambasted the candidate as a “socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union” who “wants to take health care away from 150 million people” and promised a laundry list of free items for voters.

But Schmidt will vote for him just to get Trump out of office, right?